Appointment Information

The easiest way to make an appointment is to contact one of our artists with either a phone call or by simply stopping into the studio.

Our studio does welcome walk-ins on a daily basis. However, If you do want a specific artist, an appointment may be required.

Deposits of $25 or 25% {whichever is greater} may be asked to secure the appointment. This amount will be deducted from the agreed upon price of the tattoo. A 24-hour notice for postponements, and the deposit will carry through to the next scheduled appointment. All others will be forfeit. All deposits must be made in cash.

You may also discuss appointments with specific artists by visiting their bio pages on this site. Individual contact info is provided.


Each artist maintains their own price guideline. Based on these, your tattoo may be paid by the piece or on a hourly basis. Speak with your artist to figure out the best deal.

Large work will be done in sessions. The client only pays for work done that day (no one will be expected to pay for an entire piece up front, just the individule session). This breaks it up for you as a client so that large work can be done without draining the wallet.

If you are planning a large piece, you'll most likely want to schedule appointments at the end of each session. That way, if your artist does get back-logged, you know you'll have your slot taken care of.