Aftercare of Your New Tattoo

  1. If your tattoo has been wrapped in plastic, leave on for one hour.
  2. In one hour, wash your tattoo, using your fingertips, with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Do not use a wash cloth or sponge on your new tattoo until it is healed.
  3. Rinse off and pat dry. You will need to pat dry your tattoo until it is healed.
  4. Use mild, non-scented lotion. Apply the lotion periodically, whenever the tattoo feels dry and tight. Use lotion for a few days as needed.
  5. If flaking or cabbing occurs, do not pick or scratch at it. Let the tattoo flake off on its own.
  6. Do not put a covering (ie bandage) on the tattoo. The more air that your new tattoo receives, the faster it will heal.
  7. Do not expose tattoo to th sun for the first two weeks.
  8. Do not soak new tattoo until flaking is done. No baths (showers are fine), hottubs, swimming pools, ocean, etc.
  9. For the best results and color retention, apply spf 45 or higher sunscreen to tattoo, after it has healed, whenever tattoo is going to be exposed to the sun.

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